Be Careful! Fake Reviews Are All Over the Web!

Do you know why we started providing real paper writing reviews for students? When we first decided to order a paper online, we were scammed by a false review that got us in the wrong direction. We got a paper that looked nothing like the instructions we gave. We realized: it was easy for someone to write a review for a service they hadn’t even tried. It’s even easier for writing companies to start their own reviewing services to promote themselves and trash the competition.

And how exactly do you handle that? Does this mean you should stop looking for writing services reviews? Absolutely not! These reviews are the most reliable source of information you have when looking for a writing agency. But, you have to be able to recognize the affiliated ones. We’ll tell you how to do that.

Warning Signs: How to Recognize Scamming Reviews

First, you need to calm down. There’s no point in freaking out when you come across different websites that offer essay writing companies reviews. You just need to learn how to recognize the reliable ones. Here are few signs that indicate something is wrong:

1. Excessive claims

This is the best service on the web.

This is the most reliable website out there.

This service offers the most affordable prices.

This service delivers very bad quality and has lousy support. The prices are too expensive, and the list of services is quite limited. The guarantees are bad, too.

Did you notice something wrong with the claims above? They are extreme. When you notice that a reviewing site promotes a single service as the absolute best in the industry and makes all competitive sites look bad, then you’re looking at biased reviews.

2. Affiliate links

The reviews usually link you to the relevant writing service, so you won’t bother googling for the website. Links are good, but are they unbiased? You need to check. Click the link. Do you see a reference number in the web address? If that’s the case, get out of that website and search for another reviewing service.

3. Generalized claims

There are tons of reviews that talk about the features at the website, prices, guarantees, discounts, and other details that you could easily see for yourself. If they don’t provide you with any specific information about the writers and the quality this service delivers, then you’re not reading reliable evaluations.

It’s important to find custom essay writing services reviews based on real experience. Did the reviewers order a paper before writing that article? Can you see specific information about the type of paper they requested and the way the collaboration with the writer went through the different stages of the process? Do they tell you about the efficiency of the customer support system? It’s important to get those specifics from a review.

4. No comments

Here’s a test you can make: if you see a positive review on a service you have negative experience with, write an honest comment. Then, check if it’s published at the site. If you notice that the admins deleted it, don’t trust that reviewing service and tell your friends to beware of the false reviews published there.

Don’t Be Discouraged. There Are Honest Reviews; You Just Need to Find Them

Here at, we know how difficult it is to find unbiased online reviews. We’ve been misled by such a website, and ended up buying a worthless paper. We decided to make a drastic change in the online world. We provide real reviews that students can trust!     

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