With the digitization of everything people nowadays go to online services for their paper. Buy Custom Essays is a name among that list. It offers custom essay writing service for students to help them with their course. Offering a lot of features, buy custom essays can be a helping hand for you.

Well, not always. Although the site offers a hectic amount of services, it can’t actually deliver what it claims. After our thorough analysis, we crafted our honest opinions in this review. So, before going any further, take a sneak peek at their system with our writing service review to make sure if they are 100% legit or not.

What Do The Experienced Say About This?

We have to say the users’ reaction after using their services are not on the positive side. Most of the students claimed that they just wasted their money for nothing. Nevertheless, they think they have been robbed out of money.

A high school student Emily says she was searching for a great essay service provider and bumped into At first, she thought the site was legit and with all the testimonials she thought of giving it a try.

Though they provided discounts, still the prices seem to be quite high. But she still wanted to give it a shot after being convinced with their sweet talk. When she finally got the paper, she was furious. The paper looked like it was written by an amateur who clearly didn’t know what he was doing. Even though she claimed for a refund their support refused straight up saying, there was no problem with the paper.


She’s still trying to get her money back but had no luck.

Another university student John had a much worse experience than Emily. He ordered the paper but didn’t receive any in return. He tried contacting with their support but had no luck. He claims this custom essay writing service is fraud and nobody should use it.

Key Features

  • Thesis Writing
  • Book Review Writing
  • Course Work
  • Case Study Writing
  • Term Paper
  • Dissertation
  • Research Proposal Writing
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Admission Essay Writing

What about Their Services?

The dedicated order page covers a variety of services and they initially offer 35+ basic custom service essay writings. They’ll arrange a platform solely devoted to communicating with the professional writers directly.

This part is also full of bluff. The writers connected to the custom paper writing service doesn’t respond when they are asked for a revision. Some customers even faced rude behaviors when they laid out how they wanted their papers done.

This is highly unacceptable behavior from a paid writing service.

Pricing Policy

The users have to pay up per-page and the pricing fully depends on the number of pages, the category of writing and the delivery time. We followed up their order page to see how much they charge for a typical 10 pages meaning almost 2500 words.

If you ask it within 2 days they’ll bill you $269.40 without any discounts. The price range is really high although they claim to have low prices with quality output. So, you need to think it through before placing an order here.

Discount Offers

Even after their discounts, the pricing seems to be very high. You’ll be able to get the discounts when you’lBuy-Custom-Essays-Online.coml order which would be based on the number of pages. Even here, buy custom essays scammed people.

Many customers claim that this custom essay service didn’t provide them with this offer and they had to pay extra and got a bad quality product in return.

The Quality of the Paper

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything good when it comes to the quality of their writings. Their “PROFESSIONAL” level writers couldn’t deliver even the minimal quality we asked for. It seemed like the writer didn’t know what was he writing about and wrote a ton of jibber jabber that had no connection with the topic or whatsoever.

The paper didn’t make any sense at all. It was merely a waste of money.

The Customer Support

Needless to say, their customer support disappointed us big time. They provided their official office numbers on the page but they both seem to be not working. Their live chat support isn’t reliable either. They responded through that, but we had to wait five hours for them to respond to our messages.

You can also reach them using email but that also takes up a lot of time. In short, this essay writing service failed to deliver the superior service we wanted.

To Sum It Up,

Well, we truly thought that could be a legit platform for your custom essay writing needs. But it surely failed to give out the minimal output we desired. We know that you deserve the best quality output. That’s why we’d advise you to steer clear of this nonsense custom essay service if you don’t want to get ripped off!

Don’t waste your time and money on this scam writing service anymore.

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