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Date published: 27/02/2019
6.3 / 10 stars

How much do you know about Looking at the website will probably leave you with the best impression, but in reality, most companies do their best to impress people with their marketing. If you want to learn the answers to questions such as ‘is Domywriting legit’ or ‘is it reliable’, you should read our review below.

What users say

Alana: I highly urge you not to order here. They are a scam company, but not because they don’t deliver. I consider them scam because they deliver the worst papers I’ve seen.
Lindsay: I waited a day longer for the paper here at DoMyWriting. This is unacceptable for me and my peers, so I don’t see myself ordering again in the future.

Key Features

  • Cheap prices
  • Quality samples on the website
  • Easy-to-navigate site
  • Long list of services

Academic Writing Services Offered

This review for didn’t find a single flaw in the list of services. There’s a whole bunch of different papers and services of different kinds, such as writing, editing, paraphrasing, proofreading, etc. Customers can even get separate chapters of the big papers, such as dissertations.

Still, this doesn’t make the company legit or good. It’s a good start, but the most important is yet to come. Keep reading.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

Every prices review is impressive, mostly because this is one of those very, very cheap companies. On top of the rates that are incredibly low, you can add discounts and special offers the service always has on the site.

Interestingly, the low rates are available for levels such as High School and College and start at $10 for a page. But, as you go upward in terms of the level of studies, they become so much more expensive. For example, the starting quote for a Ph.D. dissertation is $29 for a page, which is higher than many companies online. The strange part about this is, 14 days remains the longest option even for Ph.D. papers, which doesn’t allow you to enjoy a lower rate if you order ahead. prices

According to reviews, there aren’t hidden fees you should be afraid of. The rates are as amazing as they look. Still, the quality is highly debatable since most of those Domywriting reviews are very, very negative.

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program discounts

With the Domywriting promo code ‘LUCKY5’, you’ll get the smallest discount we know of – 5 percent on your first order. But, if you think about it – how much can this paper writing company really offer when their original rates are so low, to begin with?

Knowing this, it didn’t come as a surprise that there isn’t a loyalty program at this service. From what we read in paper writing reviews about it, not many returns to order again to be able to tell us if they’ve been part of a program of this kind.

Simplicity of the Website

Now, this might not be a good service judged by how students talk about it, but its site is rather simple. And since there are an actual support service and guarantees, it is safe to say that it isn’t a scam per se. The troubles seem to be connected to paper quality and deliveries, which you’ll read about in the following paragraph.

Papers Quality

The most important information you will get about the company in our review is right here. Quality is something that should be the priority of those who order since, of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your money unless a company is a good one. Otherwise, you’ll end up ordering from another one and spending more and more money without any particular reason.

When we read those comments about the company, we had this bad feeling that our order won’t go well. Still, it was worse than we’ve expected. The company confirmed those claims of late delivery (and there were many of them) since they delivered the dissertation chapter over a day late.

This is terrible, but unfortunately, it is not the only problem. The chapter wasn’t just delayed, but strayed from the topic so much, it couldn’t even be fixed and used in the same dissertation. Moreover, we learned that it was basically copied and somewhat paraphrased from a different source online, which resulted in over 40 percent of plagiarism.

Customer Care and Support

The support is slow and obviously not very experienced because we waited for a long time to finally be able to talk to an agent who handles complaints. Even that agent didn’t help us, which is why we called them. We don’t recommend that you do this – the agents on the phone speak very bad English and can’t really help students who were unhappy with the service.


DoMyWriting isn’t a fraudulent company in the sense that they deliver papers, but it is a bad one because of the low paper and service quality. Despite the low prices, we cannot possibly recommend this service to students.

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