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Easy-essay.org is cheap, fast, and most importantly, very reliable. This is one of the companies with the highest popularity on a global level, making it an excellent place to get your papers from. To confirm everything testimonials say about their services and writers online, we conveyed small research of Easy-Essay. Here are the results.


Robert Nguyen: Finding easy-essay wasn’t easy, but it was more than worth it. I used many bad companies before I stumbled across this one and once I have, I use them almost daily. The writers are more than good and with that pricing, I can afford to get help on a regular basis.

Paul Martinez: Ordering papers was a luxury for me before I found this company. I now enjoy a better price than I did at the beginning, so the expenses are bearable. I don’t order often, of course, but when I do, I always order here.



  • Competitive prices and a first-time discount of 21%
  • Secure and fast ordering backed with various guarantees
  • Acknowledged and reputable writers and editors

What Services Can You Get at Easy-Essay?

In addition to essays, which is obvious from the name of the company, students can order all kinds of papers from this service. There is no limit to what you can get. The company says that even if you don’t find a paper in their lengthy list, you can still get in touch with them and they will find a writer for you.

This is possible based on the number of writers who work at Easy-essay, and their system seems to be working quite well based on the reputation they have since the beginning of the company.

Take a peek at their list on the website – it is very simple to navigate and the information is right there for everyone to see. Unlike the cases we’ve had with other companies, information seems to be all true on this website.
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How are the Papers Priced?

easy-essay.org pricesPapers are based on an academic level and deadline, as well as a number of pages. Of course, the tables vary based on the type and complexity of the paper, but the cheapest price for most papers is $17.99, except for the most complex ones such as dissertations. If you order ahead, you can get this paper for a price of $22.99 per page, discount excluded.

The highest quality options are recommended for most complex papers or papers for the highest academic levels. But, it is up to the customer which option they will choose and how much they are willing to pay for their paper.

Add the discounts and you get a better price than you could have anticipated. Moreover, specific deadlines and quality choices often result in extra free features such as free proofreading, or free VIP support.

What Kind of Discount Can You Get?

You can get many types of discounts, but the fixed discounts are those found in the loyalty program. For every student who likes the service and purchases from them, the company has set an excellent program that reduces the prices for every next order to come. These customers can enjoy up to 15% off every order they make.

Until you get to that point, you can enjoy loyalty program discounts of 5% or 10%, or the incredible 21% first-time discount if you are making your first order here. We can all agree that this makes the prices much better than you would have expected, which was a big surprise for us too.

Content and Service Quality

Because of that surprise in regard to the discounts, we were a bit skeptical about the paper and service quality. However, the company proved that everything said about them online is true and based on real experiences, such as ours.

We got ourselves a research paper written by one of their top 10 writers. This feature came extra with our choice of a Premium paper quality and a deadline of 5 days, so it was more than appreciated. As a result, we got a paper that was too good for the medium quality option. The paper was for a Master’s academic level and it would surely result in a high grade.

Thankfully, there was nothing to revise in the paper, so we didn’t demand a revision. It is still important to note that as their customer, you can get unlimited free revisions if you don’t like your paper.

Customer Support Quality

Reaching the customer support was very easy. There is a pop-up when you open the site telling you about the first-time discount, but since it seemed too high to believe, we decided to confirm with the customer service.

The agents responded within minutes and gave us prompt response. Scarlett, the representative of Easy-essay we spoke to even guided us throughout the process of ordering our research paper on the phone, which was very helpful.


For all those who are wondering where to find a good writing service, we believe that we have found a great one for you! Easy-essay.org has received only positive points from us during our research and is more than recommended for those who need cheap, quality help for their papers.
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