Date published: 02/06/2019
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Essay Academia is a professional essay writing service that offers great essays at an affordable price range. The tagline certainly makes a lot of the students very interested. Creating in 2001, the custom essay writing service has created quite a hype among the college or university going students. Their system is really friendly when you are planning to place an order here.

We wish it could be true. As students from colleges as well high schools want great quality papers at low prices. After analyzing the service we have come to a point share the true and honest review of the custom essay service.

Before going for the services they offer, we would request you to go through the review first.

What Users Say

The users have reviewed the service to be a horrible experience. Not only was the service below standard, but students have also claimed the service to be a scam. Take look at their reviews,

Mrs. Davison, a university student has claimed the company to be a scam. She got the essay but writing quality was so poor that she compared it to be written by a 7-year-old! Her teacher could not believe that the paper was written by her as it was a massacre of grammatical mistakes. When Mrs. Davison asked for the refund, she was rejected. The customer service did not receive her phone calls. The live chat service also denied giving her proper answer. In her own words:



Another user, Mark has suffered even more. He ordered an essay and the company just gave him a draft! When Mike asked for the refund they deleted his order from the sit. He got so angry that he planned to go to the police to complain about the essay writing service.

Features Offered by Essay Academia

  • Case Study Writing
  • Custom Essay Writing
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Dissertation Writing
  • Term Paper Writing

Services Offered

The website proclaims that they offer numbers of services with their strong (!) team of 1000+ writers. Other than essay writing, they also offer dissertation, research papers, proofreading, speech writing, editing, MCQs and PowerPoint presentations. They also offer people the position of a writer. We have found traces of scams here too!

A professional writer Sanj R. has shared his experience in anger. He had been working for Essay Academia for 3-4 months. But they didn’t pay him regularly. In fact, they don’t even respond to the emails. He had earned $343 but his payments were never released. He prohibits writers as well as the clients to go there.

Altogether they offer 31 writing services but they charge way too much. They claimed to have 200 retired professors working for them. But we could not believe any graduate let retired professors could muster such bad writings!

Pricing and Payment

Students always try to find a website that offers a better job at a low price. But the charge is way too much high here. For a graduate-level thesis paper (20 pages/5500 words) they charge $588.59 which is really high.

You could check the price easily by going to the pricing tab. But in no way, they could claim that price quote to be cheap. After seeing the client reviews, one should think twice before spending $500 here.


They say that they offer great discounts. But whenever you hit the discount button in the pricing section, it shows a text saying, “Resource Limit is Reached”. The funny thing was we didn’t even ask for the discount ever before. How could the resource limit reach its limit? This becomes another proof of the site to be a scam.

Papers’ Quality

The paper quality really disappointed us. We hoped for at least some quality. We asked for a thesis paper (undergraduate) in Industrial Engineering. Not only the paper was poorly written, but the writer also didn’t even know the topics and made it sound like a joke. The paper didn’t have any citation or references.

We wish we could say something good about the writing quality at least. But the annoying poor quality did not let us do it!

Customer Support

If we are talking about any service-based business, one of the strongest points should be their customer support. Essay Academia offers email series, live chat option, and a hotline number. The hotline number doesn’t work in reality. The live support helps but they just are too pushy. They have also placed a banner called “Chat now for an extra discount”. But they actually didn’t give any discounts.

Final Verdict

So, this was the honest and true review of Essay Academia. They have used their strong SEO skills to rank up high but in terms of quality, they disappointed us in every aspect. We believe your academic results matter. So, without giving it any second thought, you should avoid the custom paper writing service. They just want to take away your precious money and give lousy service. If you don’t want to suffer your hard earned CGPA, go someplace else.

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