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Ewritingservice.com is a company providing academic paper writing solutions for students. Those who do not have the time or the skills to complete essays, term papers, or presentation sheets can get help from a team of experts in the field. The order process is quite simple. You just need to give a few details about your paper and they will assign a writer to your project. Typically, they will also deliver the paper by the required deadline.

What Customers Say

Dan Brown: I am completely dissatisfied with the services of this company. I ordered a paper in Psychology, and they totally messed up my topic. I also paid a fortune for the paper and it is basically useless. Never again…and I don’t recommend you should use ewritingservice.com either…


Cecilia F.: Well, I used many times the services of such companies, but this one is the worst. My paper lacked any citations, and even though I paid for editing the paper was full of mistakes. I had a horrible experience and I will never use them again in the future. Their customer service is also non-responsive…so no. I don’t like them

Key features:

  • Get updates on the progress of your paper
  • 100% confidentiality of your personal information

Academic Writing Services Offered

On the main company website, you cannot find a list of services offered. We found this quite disappointing because students want to see immediately what type of papers a company offers. However, as we performed our research we could find out that they offer 3 main categories: Writing, Editing, and Proofreading.

They say this is a legit company, but still, you cannot find a full list of writing solutions because they only mention Writing. They promise to offer full coverage of the topic – which was not the case with our test order in History. They also mention offering clear argumentation, any formatting style, and 100% unique content. Again, we consider they cannot fulfill these expectations, based on our first order. Then, you need to pay separately for editing services. Most high profile companies will not even charge you for editing, but Ewritingservice does charge you quite expensive fees. We consider that at least for the papers written by their team, they should not charge anything for editing.

Also, the price per page for editing is almost the same as the price for writing, which we consider ridiculous. In conclusion, we can say they do not offer a great variety of services and they also do not cover a full range of topics.

Pricing Model & Payment Options

The company advertises low prices, but when we had better look things are somewhat different. For example, writing services start at $17,56 page and this is the lowest price for the lowest quality writing. If you need somewhat better quality you may have to pay even $30 or $40 per page. Can a student afford such high prices? What if you need a 20-page essay at the lowest cost of writing? You would need to pay almost $400 for an essay or a research paper. This is extremely expensive.

Then, editing starts at $11,70 per page. You also need to add the cost of editing to the overall cost and then you end up paying several hundred for a 20-page paper. It is almost impossible to pay such a price especially for a student who doesn’t have a job. EwritingService does have some ridiculously high prices which are not in accordance with the budget of a student.

Regarding payment options, they enlist the following solutions: VISA credit/debit, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, and American Express.

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program

When it comes to discount codes, we couldn’t find any. Other companies always offer several discount options, with even up to 30% off the total value of the paper. This company does not offer any special deals or discounts. We couldn’t find anything on the main page or anywhere else. We had to pay the full price, and you will have to do the same if you order from them.

Papers Quality

This custom essay service delivers papers on a wide range of subjects. These include Literature, History, Geography but also Math or Physics. The quality of the papers is below general expectations. We have placed an order for a term paper in American History and some of the dates were presented wrong. The paper did not include annotations and the bibliography used was quite poor. We can easily say this as an average or even below average paper which would not bring us a good grade.

Such a custom service essay should provide much higher quality papers for students. Even though the order process goes fast, we consider that the writers do not invest enough quality time and effort into research. If you are looking to receive an A grade on your paper, this might not be the service for you.

Customer Care and Support

Every good custom essay writing service has an instant chat option and other contact details available. We could only find an email address and a phone number. It took 3 days to get an answer through email and they did not pick up the phone. Therefore, customer service is extremely poor in our opinion. This is a fast-paced environment they should have someone available around the clock for questions.


In case you want a very good grade, you should do some more research. We do not recommend the services of this company because you will not find professional writers here. The prices are high, but the quality offered is very low. No discounts available, no special deals, and not even a full list of writing services offered.

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