FAQ: We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

1. Should I order a paper online?

We can’t give a definite answer to that question. Can you write that paper yourself? Do make an effort. You’ll gain great benefits if you improve your writing skills. If, however, you get stuck and you have no chance of completing that assignment, then there’s nothing wrong in ordering it online.

2. Why should I read reviews for essay writing services?

There are great writing services on the web, but there are also scamming websites. We suggest reading reviews to get guiding points. You can compare different writing agencies to see what prices they offer, but there are factors you can’t compare without placing an order: quality, customer service, reliability, and safety. Our reviews inform you about those aspects.

3. Are you affiliated with any service?

No! Our main goal is to help students get the papers they need. We’ve ordered tons of papers from different online services, and we know that not all of them perform well. That’s why we decided to start providing unbiased reviews that help you make a choice.

4. Why are there scamming reviews?

It’s all about marketing. Some people promote affiliate links and they earn a percentage of the order you place when following that link. Of course, they will want to convince you to buy a paper from that website, so they will exaggerate with the recommendations. You need to be very careful when deciding which review to trust.

5. How do you decide which websites to review?

We have a list. We started reviewing the most popular websites in the writing industry, but we didn’t stop there. We don’t have any standards; when we see a site we haven’t checked out, we’re ready to give it the review it deserves.

We’re willing to write as many writing companies reviews as we possibly can. However, keep in mind that we’re placing orders from these sites, and we have a limited budget, so we might have to wait for awhile before reviewing a particular service. Still, we encourage you to send your suggestions. Did you notice a website we haven’t reviewed? Send us an email or comment on any page in our site. We’ll make sure to check out that service and produce the review as soon as we possibly can.

6. How do you write the reviews?

First, we place an order. We request different types of papers from different services. Depending on our mood or a recommendation we got from a student, we may order an essay, research paper, case study, term paper, lab report, book review, or any other type of content. Then, we see how the entire process goes. We pay attention to every feature at the website, as well as the final price the company charges. When we get the paper, we usually ask for reviews, just to see how the company performs in that aspect.

The result? We produce honest writing services reviews that inform you about every single thing you need to know before using a particular website.

7. How do you make money from this site?

We don’t. It’s a project we’re doing as an experiment after graduating. It helps us gain experience in web design and marketing.

8. Which service do you recommend?

We don’t have an exact writing service we would recommend to every student. Each customer has different needs. Some of you want the most affordable price; others want the highest quality and strongest guarantees, as well as a versed choice of services. That’s why we give you several custom reviews of essay writing services; so you can compare them and choose a website that fits your needs.

We do have a top list based on scores from common factors: price, discounts, quality, support, guarantees, and more. Still, you need to keep in mind that each student deals with different writers, and we cannot check and review every single writer a service has. We provide a general impression based on experience, but you should still trust your common sense when comparing services through our reviews, and choose the one that meets your standards.

9. Why should I trust you?

We are not connected to any writing service. We share real opinions, and we welcome you to do the same.

10. Can I share my experience?

Of course, you can! We encourage you to share your experience with different writing companies. Have you ordered papers from a service we’ve reviewed? Write your comment! We are stronger when we join forces.

Keep in mind that we do not allow promotional comments at our website. If we suspect that you’re trying to promote a particular service you’re associated with or you try to trash another service with unsupported claims, we are going to remove that comment from our website. When you share your own experience, we’ll be glad to have it.

11. Can you give me a discount?

We don’t offer special discounts for our readers, simply because we’re not associated with any writing service on the market. But, we always inform you about the discounts different agencies provide for their customers. You can find that information in our essay writing service reviews for students.

12. How much should I pay for a paper?

If you want to work with a truly professional writer with a degree in the relevant area of study, you’ll need to pay around $20 per page for the longest deadline.

There are services that offer really cheap prices, but you can’t expect a writer to complete top-notch work with no plagiarism for less than $10 per page. In addition, there are incredibly expensive services that charge over $100 per page. We don’t recommend opting for those since there are many websites that deliver work of highest quality for a more affordable price.

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