As seen on their main website, they have started in the year of 2001 as a custom essay writing service provider. They provide academic papers at the affordable price and meet every stringent deadline. Moreover, they committed to work on any paper and with any deadline. All these things are mentioned on their websites. They offer such writing services for USA & Canada Universities, UK & Australia Universities, Singapore & Malaysia Universities, and East & other countries Universities. If you need to get detailed information about them, then read this review clearly. Here you’ll get the information about the services and price they offer.

What users say

Dane Till: I recently found my application on an essay from them and the paper quality is not as good as they committed. And, the most disappointing thing is its price which cost me quite a lot. Not recommended to anyone.


Lauren Trost: Price is too high! The thesis they have delivered is good overall – not excellent. There are more options in the industry who offer the same services at very reasonable prices. So, try to found the new one rather than them.

Key Features

  • Any topic, deadline
  • 24/7 Responsive Customer Service
  • Original and high-quality writing
  • Natives of USA & UK Writers
  • Unlimited Number of Revisions
  • Cheapest price

Academic Writing Services Offered

They offer distinct Essay writing, college paper writing, and Dissertation writing services. Even, they ensure to have an experienced team of writers who can write on any topic. “Their academic writing services including research papers, essay, thesis and book review. Their major assets are 100% original content, not copied and perfect delivery time. Besides, they also give 100% Money-back Guarantee.” mentioned on their site.  The possibility of making a mistake and picking a bad can raise, if they rush – unsuitable writer for the paper is large, which might later cause to spending double the amount of cash. 

Pricing Model and Payment Options didn’t reveal their price on its site. They only mentioned that their price policies are matched with the industry’s best practices in the online academic writing. And, they didn’t want to know as the cheapest writing services provider in the business – one who offer quality services. However, they have a price calculator on their site, that help you to calculate your cost per paper by considering the type of work, Academic level, Expected Writing standard, delivery timing and no of pages. In the end, you will get both total price and price after discount. But, that is not enough to get the right price for your order. There are some chances that the price may increase in the end when you receive your paper – not always the same you calculate in starting. So, this is a big issue. People feel insecure at that time as they didn’t find everything according to their budget.

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program

Most of the people consider discount while getting something, as it brings you significant reductions in the final price. They thought that a discount and loyalty program help them to get excellent things at the right price. They have inbuilt discount mechanism; offer maximum discount rates according to the work, big to small. The basic discount was applicable to order based on the total price. They don’t use any discount code system. ‘GET MY DISCOUNT’ button is given on order form that will reduce your price by the discount appropriate to you.

Papers Quality

We ordered two papers from this company in order to evaluate the quality of their content. And, we found that writing quality they delivered is based on writer standard. If you choose Average one, then you will get good quality of paper with average cost. If you choose standard, then you will get better quality with high cost. If you choose Premium writing standard, then you will get the best quality of papers with exceptional high cost. Therefore, you have to pay more to get quality services. In case, you have a low budget, you’ll definitely get a low quality of services. So, you need to find someone else who surely provides good services at a good price without any hidden charges.

Customer Care and Support

They committed to providing 24/7 Responsive Customer Service. And, they’re even capable to provide higher priority of work on time. They have a “SEND MESSAGE TO SUPPORT TEAM” option to talk with their experts. We’ve tried this and satisfied with the work of the customer support representatives. However, they don’t have a strong team of communicators. Their communication process is not completely fine.


We recommended you to choose another company, considering that we paid a very high price for a good paper. Still, there are a number of options available in the same case that provides exceptional services at low price. You can also enjoy loyalty programs offered by such companies – unfortunately, does not offer any of this. Given enough time to your research to take a better decision for your work.

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